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Recon and Rescue

The drone uses an IR thermal sensor to detect heat signatures in real-time and report back to the operator or support team.

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Things used in this project


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Adafruit AMG88333


Contributor content that was used and modified

We used this code written by authors in the link below with the modifications/comments below to read the AMG8833 IR heat sensor and display it on a webpage. We found that the python script,, returned errors with the Adafruit 8833 so we ended up using the and modifying it to create the pixels.csv file. In order to create the data file in the HTML folder we had to run these commands - 1. cd /var/www 2. sudo chown pi: html We also found that the rc.local did not make the python script start on boot up so we ended up just starting the python script with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected and then disconnecting them before the flight. We did see however that sometimes the script would stop working unexpectedly and we have to reconnect the perpherials and start again.


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