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Free and Open-Source Automated 3-D Microscope

Convert a RepRap 3-D printer into an extremely affordable optical microscope.

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Free and Open-Source Automated 3-D Microscope


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The electronic schematic of the 3-D microscope

The three stepper motors that create the movement of the 3-D microscope are controlled by the Melzi, which is itself run by the Beaglebone Black. A computer is used to directly control the USB camera. This computers is also connected via the network to the Beaglebone Black.

The 3-D microscope stage shown adapted to a stage.

The microscope can also work in mobile sample mode (or stage mode) by removing the tie rods from the down position and placing them in the up position on the carriages. Stage mode moves the sample underneath a conventional microscope as shown here.




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