"What will UDOO?" challenge

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What will UDOO? Share your project ideas and win a UDOO board to make it happen!
"What will UDOO?" challenge
"What will UDOO?" challenge
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Everyone is eligible to win, anywhere in the world.

Submission requirements

The project idea needs to be well described, and credits will be awarded to the ones that also hint on implementation. However, these do not need to be fully finished projects. Just an idea is enough.

Requirement: all the required fields should be completed. In the left sidebar on the project edit page, it should say "Fields to complete: all done".

Judging criteria

We will select the most creative idea!

How to enter

Create a new project idea and describe exactly what you would do and how. Once you're ready click 'Enter challenge' in the left sidebar, select your project, and you're done!